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Let's Rideshare!

Kind Ride Share is a U.S. based ride share that is the only free long distance networking platform that helps you get into a rideshare safely; by offering a place where daily commuters and travelers of all sorts can get to know each others' personality, travel interests, and reputation beforehand in the effort to build trust. I'm still in beta but that does not prevent anyone from getting an early start by joining today, pimping your page, then jumping onto Interstate 01 to meet other travelers around the U.S.


Safety Advisory Notice

DANGEROUS RIDE: There are creditable reports of a bus calling itself the Dirty Kid Rescue Team that is traveling the country, picking up travelers who live on the street, deceiving social media viewers into giving money, and harming those who get on board. The bus is constantly on the move, stopping only at truck stops to beg for food, money, and fuel. It is not registered in any state, has no license plates, no insurance, and is traveling with only a title. Last known routes of travel are within southern Arizona and California. The true name of the owner/driver is unknown as he represents himself as a transgender female and goes by Joanna "Kropo" Gibson or MLC.

If you encounter this bus, you are strongly advised NOT to get on board. Click here for additional information.

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Get onto Interstate 01 for the ultimate ride in today's social networkingInterstate 01 is the social media side of Kind Ride Share that offers ridesharing safety through familiarity, personality, and reputation. Unlike any other long distance or cross country ridesharing platform, by becoming a member you are joining a community where you can meet folks along the routes of your travel to network resources, discover new adventures, and share travel experiences while saving money at the same time. You can think of it as something akin to a dating service only you are here to find new friends for the purpose of making your travels easier, more affordable, safer, and more adventurous along the way.