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ChazKindRideShare.net is a NEW ride share and social networking platform focused on sharing transportation resources and travel experiences safely. It uses commuter profiles and feedback forums to build a community of trusted commuters whom you get to know.

Weather you are traveling from city-to-city or state-to-state, the driver or passenger, ridesharing is an adventure all in its own that tends to forge lifelong friendships. Join today, get to know each other, post in the ride share, then get there in a Kind Ride Share.

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Relaunched January 1, 2022

Helping Mother Earth Breath

Ridesharing on our highways and interstates, carpooling locally, using public transportation, and bicycling short distances are sensible solutions that can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. Not only will these simple changes in our transportation habits reduce emissions but they hold many other benefits as well. If we don't take action now, by lowering our dependency on fossil fuels, we have and will continue to see within our lifetime substantial atmospheric changes that will threaten our agriculture, economies, infrastructures, and society's ability to exist. We must act against global warming today in order to save the future of life on earth and Kind Ride Share wants to be a part of that process.