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My Adventure

Welcome folks. My name is Stacy Hall (aka Chaz) and I am the author, creator, and sole owner of LLC. This is the first adventure created in my Scrapbook.

I created the original Kind Ride Share in 2001, while in the company of my bestest and long time friend Benjamin Corey Estes (aka Tuesday. At that time, we were invited to Springfield, Missouri, to be in the company of one Steven Duncan (aka Azure) who encouraged I create a virtual rideshare for the Rainbow Family of Living Light.

After creating Kind Ride Share, I hosted the application using my account with ZiaNet in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. During that time, Steven wanted me to let him host the rideshare at his website At about that time, Tuesday and I started to question Steven"s motives behind his Peace Conspiracy and decided NOT to allow him access to a single line of code. When our relationship with Steven soured, after he broke into a number of my client accounts and replaced the images at their website with pornography, Tuesday and I left Missouri for Mississippi. I then turned to James Dalton (aka Rainbow Trader) for financial support.

In 2002, after some discussion with Tuesday and Rainbow Trader, we decided to go with a .net TLD and purchased The website was created to offer the tools necessary to make ride sharing a safe alternative to today’s transportation needs, reduce traffic, carbon emissions, congestion on our roadways, and to foster sharing as a means to reduce costs and build relationships. Kind Ride Share was also created with the intent to provide users with the ability to share valuable information concerning resources that are helpful to travelers of all sorts, all within a design that fosters the creation of real and long-lasting friendships that exist both in physical reality and the obscure world of cyberspace.

In 2007, after having been on escape status from Montana State Prison beginning in 2006, I turned myself in while living in San Jose, California. From there, it took me two years before I could get my body back into Montana State Prison, to begin serving my sentence, and another 10 years before I could become parole eligible.

In 2010, after the death of Rainbow Trader and while I was incarcerated, I lost the domain name because I had no way of payung for its renewal. As a result, the domain name became available for resale and a cybersquatter, whose identity the registrars are protecting, purchased it only to host a fake and illegal copy of the HTML pages only (we suspect it was Steven Duncan). This non-working version of Kind Ride was then hosted by the cybersquatter until 2019.

In some ways, the illegal copy that was being hosted between 2010 and 2019 preserved the history of the website; but in other ways it hurt Kind Ride Share greatly as it quickly became known that it did not work.

After I was paroled, I quickly moved to get my domain name back. It was a task that took me two years to achieve. ;;;;;; This was because cybersquatter tried to bilk me for thousands of dollars before s/he would hand over the domain. I took that as a challenge and took the necessary actions to get the web host to shutdown the domain and made it impossible for the new owner to sell it to anyone else. My efforts were effective as the new owner finally figured out s/he would never be able to use or sell the domain name and was basically hanging onto a dead horse.

In November of 2021, the domain was finally released and I was able to regain ownership on a backorder reservation I purchased through GoDaddy. At that time, all I had was a 2007 version that was not compatible with today’s cellular and portable devices. Realizing I was facing a complete rewrite of the user interface (UI), I wasted no time to get the job done. Since I had to rewrite the UI, I also decided to completely rewrite the software in PHP instead of Perl (it dedicated me to master PHP in no time at all). I had the ride share completed and ready for launch by January 1st and the website sat like that until March of 2022.

In March, after hearing the call to turn into a privately held social networking platform, I set my mind to thinking of a new design that did not exist anywhere in today’s social media market. It wasn"t long thereafter my mind exploded with creative thoughts. A few of the such ideas were the Scrapbook and Shout Shouts. I thought these ideas was so unique within the format I designed that I immediately set out to make it happen.

In addition to the domain name of I also purchased and to take folks directly to the Interstate 01 landing page and search engine.

My Commuter References