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My Adventure with LSD that Created my Tail!

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My Adventure

My memory is not as detailed today but, here is the best to my recollection.

In 2000, on or about April 14th, I arrived in Taos, New Mexico, with my traveling kitchen Air Head Cafe". I was on a mission to the Annual Rainbow Gathering.of the Tribes in Montana and went to Taos to seed the 4:20 gathering with Air Head. It was actually the start of Air Head Cafe". I was also there to find others to join my gig. I already knew about a hundred travelers and party-going-locals were going to show up and I wanted to be there to welcome them.

Shortly after my arrival, I parked my van outside of the town limits and set out on foot. Little did I know of the adventure before me.

It is important to understand that my clothes are bright, loudly colorful, and a spectacle to see. I don"t know of any hippies who look like me but somehow people get that impression (I liken myself to a creative cyberpunk). I only knew, and still know, very few who sport custom made corduroy patch pants. For me, it is a spiritual thing.

As I was walking along the roadside into town, a few cars honked at me but then one threw a full bottle of beer at my head. When I finally reached the first store and told the shop keeper of my experience, he simply stated that "your kind is not welcome around here."

Hmm! My kind? What is that and who are they? As far as I knew, I was extremely unique and one of a kind. For reals, in all myife I have only met one other who presented themself like me and that would be Air Head (aka John Bolen).

After I left the shop, I returned to my van and followed the instructions I was given for a place to camp overnight. It was growing dark by that time and hard for me to see. The shop keeper ended up giving me instructions to an old Spanish party spot that actually turned out to be a dump. I didn"t realize I had pulled down into a garbage pit until the next morning. My worry then was getting my van out. None to my surprise, when I arrived at this so-called party spot I found an old couple at a fire pit drinking beer and smoking weed. They invited me in and I invited them to my weed.

While engaging in conversation, the couple told me I was at a local weekend party spot and that 4:20 was coming up, wanting me to stick around. I told them I was there to setup my kitchen for the 4:20 gathering and maybe pick up a few crew members. They welcomed me with open arms and told me that they were staying for the gathering. They had food, and I had food and full kitchen gear, so we agreed to setup.

Mind you, Air Head Cafe" had not started up yet. I was just now beginning to bring it together.

The next night, after about 10 more people showed up during the day, a guy arrived asking for the person who ran the kitchen. Folks pointed at me. The dude then explained how his friend got busted for selling drugs in Albuquerque and that he told him to give the rest of his LSD to the hippies for 4:20. He then handed me a bible of LSD (a sheet of 1000 hits) and two large eye-drop containers of liquid LSD. I didn"t believe it, so I asked if I could smell it.

Aftering taking the lid off of one of the containers he handed it to me. After putting the container to my nose, I went to hand the bottle back while the cap was still off. He then grabbed the bottle, in a motion as if to place the lid back on, so I let him have it (I did not want it to spill). We were talking in the meantime and after he placed the lid on the bottle it was not tightened down. A few moments later, he asked how many hits I wanted and I said three. He then went to place three drops on my tongue. As he tipped the bottle, the lid fell off and a lot spilled on my chin and started down my neck.

Knowing what just happened and that there was no going back, my initial reaction was to look at him in shock. It if better describe as being in horror. I then simply accepted the fact that I was just puddled and there was no turning back. I then turned to everyone around me and announce anyone who wanted to get puddled to place a palm on my neck and anyone who wanted to get a good dose, to touch my neck.

The touching was a lot of fun.

At one point during my trip, and I tripped really hard, I had stopped to sew on my pants. I have no idea how long I was sitting there, sewing on my pants.

Some time later, this girl stops and asked what I was doing. After I explained, she told me I was not sewing on my pants then grabbed them to show me. I wasn"t happy.

Corduroy material is hard to find. When I was shown what I was doing, I realized I had just wasted a bunch on a skinny tube that couldn"t be used for anything. It really put me in negative state of mind.

During this time, as I started to grumble, a little girl came up and asked what I had in my hands. I told her it was a disaster, a total waste of my clothing. She asked, "is it a tail?" Aggitated, I told her it was a waste of material and started to complain about how long it took me to gather it up. She flat out told me it was a tail and that she thought it was cool before taking off. At that moment, my tail was born. Little did I know, it would become apart of me from that day forth and likely for the rest of my life.

As I reflect back, I have to say that I am not certain I ever came back from that trip. I can say this much, it had definitely changed me for the rest of my life. I think it changed me for the better and unlocked parts of my mind I always knew existed but couldn"t quite reach. Today, I am highly creative. Maybe too much so. When I look around me I tend to look deeply in everything that comes to my awareness. Some say I over think everything. I say, their eyes are not opened wide enough.

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