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Safety Guide


In March of 2003, on page 64, Rolling Stone magazine recommended the Kind Ride Share by publishing the following.
Rideshare Rolling Stone magazine
"Rideshare It's worth stopping here to see if someone's going your way, but don't let the 'Kindness' at this site coax you into thinking that every ride is a safe one." David Malley, Rolling Stone magazine, 35th Anniversary Special Edition entitled "American Icons."

TRUE THAT! To help raise the level of trustworthiness in ridesharing, the Kind Ride Share now offers users the option to complete an online passport. The Passport is a convenient place to store personal information commonly required while in the process of arranging a rideshare. It can only be shared by you using the options provided on the form used to contact other members. It is strongly recommended each user keep a record of their emergency contact information within their passport in the event such is ever needed.


The Kind Ride Share is not responsible for any issues that may arise in a rideshare you arrange, using this service. Your safety and security during a rideshare is your responsibility.

In addition to the above, the Kind Ride Share DOES NOT share the personal information users store in their passport. This information can only be shared by the user when answering a request.

Ridesharing is a safe alternative to today's traffic related issues. This is especially true when we work together to build a network of trust and integrity. We can start by observing a few common sense practices that apply to practically every situation when meeting new people.

The Driver

Please report all bad experiences using the profile of the person you are reporting. If the experience is one of grave concern, contact

The Kind Ride Share is an open-source social networking tool provided for everyone to utilize, for the purpose of ridesharing. Keep in mind, people from all walks of life use this service. While most are kind and considerate, the same cannot be said for all.

For your safety, you are asked to take caution when meeting new people through the Web. Before committing yourself to any arrangement, be sure to take the time to learn about the other person and always exchange identification and emergency contact information before jumping into a rideshare.

You are strongly advised to notify someone close to you before you travel, someone you can keep in touch with during your rideshare. Before getting into any rideshare, ensure you have the following in your possession.

None of the following items should be in your vehicle at the time you pick-up your passenger and during the entirety of your trip.

The Passenger

When making arrangements for a rideshare, be prepared to provide the following.

Before getting into a rideshare, ensure the driver has the following in their possession.

None of the following items should be in the vehicle at the time you are received as a passenger and during the entirety of your trip.


Both parties should discuss driving safety issues before embarking in a rideshare. Do not rideshare with alcohol, drugs, fire arms, or any other item that could cause you harm or the police to become alarmed in the event you encounter a stop.

Do not allow drinking and driving. In fact, make it a strict rule that there will be no consumption of any mind- or mood-altering substances at any time during the rideshare.

Always ask for identification. Only accept government issued photo identification cards. DO NOT accept a passport photo ID, college ID, a Photo Visa card, etc., unless the individual has at least three pieces of mail dated at least 30 days apart from each other that were sent through the mail. These may include a billing receipt from a long-established business or corporation, a phone bill, lease receipt, etc.

Before you travel with someone you should:

Passengers getting into a rideshare should ask the driver for their:

Do not get into the vehicle if these do not correspond to what was provided in the driver's details;

Passengers should give someone the following details:

If there are other passengers accompanying the rideshare, each party should disclose to one another:

Always take the time to meet each person in the rideshare in a setting where you can talk and evaluate your personalities safely.

Personal security is a very important consideration with regard to ridesharing, especially in view of the many potentials between strangers sharing a car together. If you do not feel safe with the person(s) you meet, don't accept the rideshare. The Kind Ride Share is not responsible for anything that might happen in a rideshare so please use your best judgment.

Always rate the rideshare when it has completed. These ratings help others when considering a rideshare.

If you encounter any serious problems contact

Good luck!