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Dirty Kid Rideshare

For Dirty Kids, jumping into a rideshare is not easy; leading many to the rails. Kind Ride Share wants to change the attitude of commuters toward dirty kid travelers, by offering customizable personality profiles where folks can build upon their ridesharing reputation and others can leave reviews. No other ridesharing platform allows members to build upon their reputation then at KindRideShare.net, making it easier find like minded travelers and get hooked up in a rideshare. So! If you haven't already, be sure to join today to start building your personality profile and establishing your ridesharing reputation.

About Dirty Kids

Dirty Kids can be broadly stereotyped as youth who stopped identifying with the typical ideas of home and community and represent the results of a collapsing system that no longer recognizes the infinite value of an individual Being. Many are protesters, spiritualist, traveling musicians, poets, performers, dancers and artist's and are likely seen with huge back packs, dogs, guitars, dreadlocks, and hats. Dirty Kids are typically NOT associated with hard drug use, prostitution or gangs and openly protect each other from these things.

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