Kentucky Victims Ride Share * Got a Ride? Need a Ride? Let's Rideshare to help the Kentucky flood victims!

Kentucky Flood Victims Rideshare

People help People in Times of Need

Kentucky Flood Victims Ride Share

"We never know the kindness of our neighbors until we need their help." ~ Chaz


To everyone in Eastern Kentucky, Kind Ride Share is here today, to help you with your transportation needs, by offering its unique platform to help you network. We are here for you today, tomorrow, in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.

The loses felt in the devastating floods in Kentucky is beyond conscience. The pain and suffering must be great. Condolences are conveyed in full. wants to help Kentucky flood victims with their transportation needs, by offering its platform to the flood victims and good citizens of neighboring areas wanting to help.

The folks in Eastern Kentucky can use a lot of help. Many need to commute between cities and states, and others need access to heavy moving equipment. It can only be imagined that any and all types of moving equipment is also needed, to include truck trailers to front loaders.

This is everyone's opportunity to come together to share transportation resources with those in real need. is a NEW dedicated social networking platform specifically designed to help folks share transportation resources safely. Whether you are traveling from city-to-city or state-to-state, the driver or passenger, ridesharing is an adventure all in its own that tends to forge lifelong friendships.  So what are you waiting for?  Jump into a real life rideshare or cruise Interstate 01 in cyberspace where you can meet new friends, discover new adventures, network, interact, and get to know one another in the spirit of sharing.  Join today, then encourage others to jump in so we can make this work.

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Kentucky Victims Rideshare

Get onto Interstate 01 for the ultimate ride in today's social is a place where travelers discover each other, interact, and network transportation resources. In the rideshare itself, folks are seriously looking to share their travels. But on Interstate 01, you are a virtual traveler here to cruise cyberspace to discover each other, interact, and network transportation resources to your favorite destinations.  So what are you waiting for?

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