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Here's how you can save 75% or more in travel expenses

By jumping into a carpool or rideshare, you can potentionally save 75% or more in travel expenses. If you are spending $200 per month on your daily commute, you can reduce that down to $50 or less. If you are spending $280 for interstate travel, you can reduce that down to $140 or less. Or, if you have a vehicle that is not getting much use you can rent it out and make money. Here's how:


For your daily and routine commute, such as to and from work or school, try jumping into a carpool or create one yourself. A carpool can reduce your daily commuter expenses by 75% or more.


For long, interstate travel try making use of empty seats by taking others who are headed along your same route of travel. Ridesharing over distances can save you 50% to 75% or more in personal fuel costs.


If you don't drive your vehicle that often or want to make some extra cash with the spare car in your driveway, try renting on your terms. By renting your car you can potentionally make $160 or more per day.

Alternative use

The Kind Ride Share is not limited to just people. It can also be used to transport vehicles one-way from city to city, ship or deliver personal belongings, transportation for pets, and any other use that requires motorized travel.