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I need your help to fund a promotional campaign for Kind Ride Share throughout the greater Denver area. I believe this is the least expensive approach to getting the word out. It is a grassroots campaign I hope will be enough to reach critical mass where the Denver area will tout to the rest of the US.  If you cannot contribute financially, please share my GoFundMe campaign on your social media pages.

  1. 5,000 3x5 post cards ($551.52 + $162.93 S&H)
  2. 5,000 5x7 flyers ($921.60 + $323.77 S&H)
  3. 2 4x10 Matted Banners ($141.27 + $20.54 S&H)
  4. 150 Window Decals ($925.57 + $84.14 S&H)
  5. 150 Yard Signs ($852.30 + $264.36 S&H)
  6. Total: $5,193.51

The post cards, flyers, and window decals will be distributed to numerous shops between Boulder and Colorado Springs along I-25.

The matted banners will be displayed at booths I set up at large events, and hung on over passes I post up on along I-25 in the Denver area.

The yard signs will be posted at exits coming off I-25 throughout the greater Denver area. is a 100% free, grassroots, non-commercial ridesharing platform still in its infancy. In addition to ridesharing, the website offers a social media platform where travelers can network, find new friends, reconnect with others they met while traveling, locate resources, interact, share experiences, and much more.

Buy me a gallon of gas or help me get a new phone! I lost mine at the Rainbow Gathering in Colorado.

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